Fabric Canopy at The Marlborough Science Academy in St Albans

The Marlborough Science Academy in St Albans needed a fabric shelter to offer extensive coverage to its students when they were spending time outdoors.

What did the project involve?

We manufactured and built a Maxima Tepee™ for The Marlborough Science Academy in St Albans. Thanks to its many multiple unit possibilities, we were able to design it with three modules and to an overall size of 21000mm X 7000mm – large enough to protect the school’s learners at break times in all seasons. The post protector pads completed the overall look and act as safety measures, while the White roof and Brown Red steelwork provide an appealing visual contrast to the surroundings. This institution wants the children it teaches to learn, enquire and show curiosity, and this fabric canopy will encourage them to spend more time outdoors, and so may improve their wellbeing and even academic performance.