Entrance Canopy at Queen’s Hospital in Burton upon Trent

Queen’s Hospital in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire needed an entrance shelter for its emergency department as part of its refurbishments. They needed the structure to have a rainbow design to celebrate their LGBT+ community and it had to be able to shield several ambulances and patients from the rain on their arrival.

What did the project involve?

A&S Landscape installed a bespoke Motiva Cantilever™ at Queen’s Hospital A&E. The 40500mm X 4500mm measurements and the genuine polycarbonate roofing of the Motiva Cantilever™ were large and robust enough to keep ambulances, staff and patients dry on arrivals in bad weather. What’s more, everyone at the hospital – which has ‘a mission to deliver the best patient experience possible’ – loves the White steelwork and Opal and multicoloured roof of the entrance canopy because it makes their LGBT+ community feel more valued and it also really brightens up the area.

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