Enclosed Dining Shelter at Wednesfield High Academy in Wednesfield

Wednesfield High Academy in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton needed a dining canopy to reduce pressure on other facilities and enable its outdoor areas to be used more efficiently. They wanted an enclosed, bespoke product with lighting and heating, so the children could enjoy it in all seasons.

What did the project involve?

A&S Landscape installed a 40960mm X 7588mm bespoke Motiva Linear™ at the University of Wolverhampton Wednesfield Academy, which aims to ensure that its students become highly successful citizens. Bespoke Motiva canopies make for precisely tailored models that soon become integral parts of any school. The fully enclosed dining shelter with heating and lighting was just what the academy needed to refresh its outside space and boost its break time facilities all year round.

Head over to our project page to find out more about the enclosed canopy at Wednesfield High Academy.