Dining Shelters at the Roseland Academy in Tregony

The Roseland Academy in Tregony was in need of a pair of dining canopies so it could offer its students new areas to eat in outside, no matter the weather. The staff wanted them to match the school colours.

What did the project involve?

We added a Motiva Linear™ to the Roseland Academy for its first dining shelter. We approved of this selection because we thought the straight roof design really suited the school and would easily meet its students’ needs at lunchtimes. Plus, the team there – who want their students to become responsible citizens who play an active role in society – asked us to install a Motiva Duo™ to complete the pair of canopies, which came with the same sleek, Ultramarine Blue steelwork and Opal roof. These structures made for excellent areas where the children could eat and relax in the fresh air, year-round, and how well they reflected the institution’s branding was the cherry on the cake.