Dining and Playground Canopy at Woodlands Primary Academy in Bradwell

Woodlands Primary Academy in Bradwell, Norfolk needed a colourful shelter that could create a covered playground and dining area outside and be used all year round.

What did the project involve?

A&S Landscape built a large Motiva Duo™ at Woodlands Primary Academy. Measuring 15000mm X 11500mm and sporting Traffic Red steelwork and an Opal roof, this model was ideal for bringing an extra element of fun to the space and sheltering pupils from the rain in year-round lunchtimes and playtimes. The school – who Ofsted judged to be a ‘Good’ provider in 2017 – was delighted with their new dining and playground canopy and A&S Landscape enjoyed working with its dedicated staff.

Find out more about the dining and playground canopy we made for Woodlands Primary Academy over on our project page.