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Blackpool Aspire college - Linear Canopy

Video Transcription

I'm the deputy principle of Blackpool Aspire Academy.

Blackpool Aspire Academy came together as an Academy from Bispham High School, and Collegiate High School.

We moved into this brand new school, but it was a brand new school that did not have any shelter for students, when the weather turned poor. So, a priority for us, in the school, was to create a shelter.

Working with consultant architects, the consultants architects went through the procurement process with us. Found a number of quotes, and then decided on, or suggested to us, that we look to A&S. The service, the quality of build, the whole project so far with A&S, has been absolutely fantastic.

I wanted a large shelter for our students, and I was very pleased with the drawings I received from A&S, via the consultant architects, showing what a thirty eight by six meter structure, would look like.

It came within budget, and I decided to go for that. But the way in which A&S have started to build, is really superb. The quality of the ground work, and the way in which the columns have been erected, and now the rafters are going in, and the polycarbonate.

I am very pleased with the overall quality of the design, and the construction.

The A&S contractors have been absolutely fantastic. They are keen, they have worked well with our site staff. I am very, very pleased with the way in which the structure is looking now. We are now seeing a shelter coming about which is exceeding my expectations.

We are now seeing a shelter coming about, which is exceeding my expectations.

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