Canopy Umbrellas Installed at Torfaen Learning Zone in Gwent

As part of Torfaen Borough Council’s plans for the modernisation of A-Level education in the Cwmbran area, a multimillion-pound investment saw the building of a brand-new campus. In an aim to develop zoned social spaces, A&S Landscape was commissioned to install two canopy umbrellas.

What was the project?

This was an exciting project on a state-of-the-art education site. The Torfaen Learning Zone is going to offer cutting-edge facilities to its A-Level and Welsh Baccalaureate students. It was a great opportunity for our team to help shape the look and feel of their outdoor spaces. The canopy umbrellas that Torfaen Learning Zone wanted to install were to be located on a raised balcony area.  To fit with the modern feel and existing structures, our team installed two Maxima Umbrella™ canopies, each measuring 3500mm by 3500mm. The modern theme continued with Torfaen Learning Zone’s choice of installation colours. Selecting both white steelwork and waterproof PVC fabric, the end result was a fabulous, on-trend addition to the campus grounds.

Keep reading about the umbrella canopies we designed for Torfaen Learning Zone here.