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Canopy With Coloured Fence Enhances School in the West Midlands

Posted on 27/10/2014

Wheelers Lane Primary School
Wheelers Lane Primary School were looking for a space they could use as an extra learning and play zone and when they contacted A&S Landscape, we had exactly the product in mind.

Project – Canopy with coloured fence – Wheelers Lane Primary School

Product – Motiva Linear

Requirement – Space can be hard to come by when all of your walls are solid.

Which, thankfully, is the case with most buildings.

The problem then is how to gain quality space for learning and play without building full extensions. The answer is simple, because you probably don’t need more space, you just need to find a way to use the space you already have and haven’t even considered.

That’s right, outside. We mostly forget the immense opportunity that our outside spaces offer us and treat them as luxuries, only truly available during especially good weather. But the benefits of spending time outside are so great that finding a way to utilise this space year round is very important.

Outdoor covered shelters can take otherwise unusable space and give it purpose, opening it up for use as an additional area for learning, play and storage.

Wheelers Lane Primary School were looking for exactly that, a space they could use as an extra learning and play zone and when they contacted A&S Landscape, we had exactly the product in mind.

Solution – Installing a Motiva Linear canopy with a smart green steelwork and opal roofing has given Wheelers Lane Primary School a fantastic new option for year round useable space.

The Motiva Linear provides not only a wonderful shelter from poor weather but also shade from direct sunlight. The inclusion of a colourful fence has also added a spark of fun and imagination that truly complements the identity of the school.

Result – The result is simple. Wheelers Lane Primary School just got a bigger useable footprint without us having to build a single wall. By taking space outside that was unavailable during imperfect weather conditions A&S Landscape have ensured that Wheelers Lane is now home to a superb new area for learning and play.

Find Out More – Whether you are looking for additional outdoor learning space like Wheelers Lane, or you want a covered outdoor dining shelter or walkway, A&S Landscape have a variety of options for you.

By getting in touch with us, our design team will begin working with you to identify the most suitable spaces and can put a proposal together for you that will be on your desk the very next day.

If Wheelers Lane has inspired you, then take a look here, to see more inspiring examples of the change an outdoor playground canopy can make to your school.