Montgomery Primary Academy, Birmingham add striking shade sail canopy to playground

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Playground shade canopy added to Montgomery Primary Academy in Birmingham

Maxima Shade Sail 

Montgomery Primary Academy in Birmingham, says “We value creativity and ensure that the emotional well being of our pupils through creativity and opportunity for expression are at the heart of our school.” What better way to add some creative space to the outdoor area than by adding a striking canopy.

A&S Landscape were delighted to help. Our range of different canopies from fabric to steel and polycarbonate, meant that there were plenty of options to choose from. The design that was chosen was a fabric shade sail from our Maxima Range. At 4100mm x 4100mm, the waterproof fabric sail was installed on four uprights and four post pads were added, offering extra safety for the children.

The children of Montgomery Primary Academy are rightly delighted with their new canopy. The space offers shade from the sunshine and shelter from the weather. This gives the children somewhere to be all year round, no matter what the weather has in store. Perhaps they might even decide to read outdoors or have an outdoor lesson now and again. The flexibility is one of the great things that a canopy can offer schools.

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A&S Landscape have a wide range of products for you to review. We have many different designs for you to choose from. We are sure that you will be able to find something to meet your needs. Review our gallery which has over 1500 images, it is a great place to get some inspiration for your project.

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