Bedlington Academy in Northumberland Install a New Impressive Dining Canopy

Bedlington Academy in Northumberland was looking to expand their dining capacity so that their students would have more space to enjoy their lunch. They reached out to A&S Landscape to design an impressive canopy that is built to last.

What did the project involve?

Bedlington Academy reached out to us when they were looking to install an outdoor canopy on their premises in Northumberland, they were attracted to A&S Landscape for both the aesthetics and technical advantages of our canopies. Their main need was increased space for pupils to dine in, so we designed and supplied our large Motiva Duo™ canopy, with dimensions of 16000mm X 8000mm – which is able to comfortably seat up to 144 students. The canopy features a Dusty Grey Duracoat™, a polycarbonate roof in our popular Opal shade, and glass side panels for increased shelter from side winds. We are pleased to share that this new exceptional covered space has really impressed the school community, with its grand dimensions and modern steelwork.