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​St John’s Primary School in Wigan build a new canopy in their playground

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​St John’s Primary School in Wigan build a new canopy in their playground
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  • Product

    Motiva Cantilever

  • Size

    7000mm x 3000mm

  • Colours

    Steel – Marine Blue (RAL5002) Roof – Opal

Project Details

In Wigan, Greater Manchester, you will find a lovely school called St John’s Primary. It is a super school and they wanted to add some shade and shelter to their playground area. Because we are never sure in the UK what the weather has in store, all too often parents were getting wet waiting for children and on other days the children needed shade from the sunshine. What the school needed was a canopy, but which design would work best?

A&S Landscape have a wide range of canopies. We have been installing them at schools for over 40 years and so we knew that we would have just the thing. We understand the processes that schools have to go through when they are making a purchase of this kind. The canopy which stood out to St John’s Primary school was the Motiva Cantilever canopy. It’s design was great because it meant that there weren’t too many posts in the playground. It is a steel and polycarbonate canopy and it was made with Marine Blue (RAL 5002) steelwork and an opal roof.

The canopy is large and stands at 7000mm x 3000mm, creating a large area for people to shelter. The parents, staff, children and visitors are all pleased with the new canopy. It is keeping people cool and sheltered all year round.

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Dear Sirs

Great, it is being used for shade at the moment and parents stand under it in the rain if they are waiting for the children. It works perfectly as it is cantilevered because there aren’t posts in the playground.

St John's Primary School

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