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Freestanding Playground Canopy at Millbrook Primary School North London

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Motiva Linear

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Millbrook Primary School
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  • Product

    Bespoke Motiva Linear Canopy

  • Size

    10000mm X 8000mm

  • Colours

    Grey RAL7016/Opal roofing

Project Details

Effective design is important us. And it’s not just about a product that looks fantastic, it has to also be fit for purpose which was exactly the case when working on this freestanding playground canopy in North London (Barnet)

When we were called in by Millbrook Primary School they already had some canopies the problem was that whilst they looked ok, they really weren’t large enough to form a suitable covered play space.

We worked with the school to come up with a solution that would be appropriate for it’s use and ensure that what they received would look great and make a real difference for years to come.

Adding a Motiva Linear canopy, 10000mm x 8000mm in slick, professional Grey (RAL7016) steelwork with an attractive opal polycarbonate roofing has produced a space at Millbrook Primary School that will last the test of time.

We made sure that we used a wide span canopy, too. This meant we could use less uprights, making this a really useable space and totally suitable to play.

An added benefit of using less uprights is the reduced risk of playground accidents, when under the canopy the space is totally open and the pupils can play freely whilst being protected from the elements, whether that be a little shade on a sunny day or cover from the rain.

All in all, the canopy we installed at Milbrook Primary School has added a strong, purposeful space that they didn’t really have before.


Dear Sirs

The canopies installed when this school was built were not really fit for purpose, they looked ok but they weren’t large enough for covered play space. We designed and installed a canopy that was both architecturally suited and well-proportioned for the intended use. In addition we designed and built a wide span canopy on just six uprights maximising the useable space and minimising the risk of playground accidents.

Staff Millbrook Primary School

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