The canopy is really lovely, the children will enjoy a sheltered playtime. The gentlemen on the site have been very pleasant and worked so hard. Thank you.

- Ranvilles Infant School

A&S Landscape added a straight roof shelter to an area of the school playground. The Motiva Linear features a multicoloured polycarbonate roof with yellow, red and blue sheets. This works perfectly with the brightly coloured traffic red steelwork, overall creating a vibrant and jolly canopy.

Already the shelter has greatly improved the pupil’s break times, as they can go outside more often without worrying about the weather. This allows them to relax, unwind and refresh before their next lessons. The parents could use the canopy at the end of the school day too if they wish to shelter from the elements.

Ranvilles Infant School prides themselves on their innovative, fun and creative curriculum. As part of this, the teachers can make use of the canopy and hold lessons outside. This alternative learning environment will help to create an engaging and memorable class. We know how difficult it can be to plan around the weather, so now the staff have one less thing on their minds.

A&S Landscape has over 40 years of experience working with schools. As well as playground shelters, we offer dining area canopies, covered MUGAs, bike stores and more. Why get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your needs? You can call us on 01743 444100.