The students are loving the canopy. It is their new place to hang out.

- Dowdales School

A curved roof shelter was installed at the school, measuring 21m x 5m. The Motiva Mono features subtle Squirrel Grey steelwork which works perfectly with the surrounding area. The Opal polycarbonate sheeting used on the roof blocks harmful UV rays, so the students can safely spend time outside during the summer months too.

The new covered walkway has greatly improved the student’s experience at Dowdales School. The shelter can also be used as a dining area too. With picnic tables added under the cover, the students have a choice of where to sit with their food, relieving pressure from the dining hall. They’ll also be able to spend time in the fresh air during the school day, which will benefit their wellbeing too.

The covered area is also being used as a social space during breaks. The students love their dedicated space outside they can use all-year-round and we’ve been told that it’s a very popular spot. Before exams, it could also be the perfect place to relax and stay calm, away from the busy classrooms and corridors.

A&S Landscape has worked with many schools across the country, often returning to install multiple canopies and shelters. Take a look at our gallery for more inspiration or read about more of our recently completed projects. Our friendly team is ready to help answer any of your questions too, call us on 01743 444100.