Our canopy was completed on time and budget and it is a fantastic addition to the school.

Headteacher - Great Barr Primary & Nursery School

This attitude goes through their curriculum and all the way to the design of their buildings with every decision going through the ‘does this make our children’s experience better?’ test.

So when they looked around their campus and realised that they could do with a more effective covered link canopy they contacted A&S Landscape to make it happen.

We worked closely with Great Barr to install a striking covered walkway between several buildings. Installing in three sections we had Motiva Waves at 11300mm x 2930mm, 14300mm x 4230mm and 27500mm x 3200mm which now mean that moving from one building to the next can be less of a dash and more of a stroll.

Our Motiva Wave is a popular variant within our Motiva range and features an elegant and playful ‘wave’ design that makes it an especially popular choice for Entrance canopy design.

We can install at almost any size and recommend working directly with our design team as early as possible.

Working together from the start means we can deliver the most effective solution that means you get exactly the shelter you need, nothing more, nothing less.

For more inspiration take a look at our gallery of finished projects here and if you have any questions or some ideas you think would work for your campus, get in touch. We can have a full proposal with you the very next day.