I am happy with everything A&S Landscape have done and will definitely ask them to quote again if we ever need a canopy or shade sail. I like the company and everyone was very friendly and great at communication. We love the canopy, it really brightens up the area outside of the classroom. We went out for quotes and A&S Landscape were the only company that could fill an awkward gap. They were very accommodating. We love it and the 30 children aged five in our Year 1 love going outside and are certainly able to use the outside space a lot more. It’s located outside our Year 1 classroom and there’s another door to it from the staff room area so it’s conveniently located. It’s used daily for teaching and the Gardening Club use it once a week. There’s also a Playtime Pals session every morning and small groups of children use it in their free time.

Deputy Headteacher - St Matthias Church of England Primary School

This Motiva Linear monopitch straight roof canopy covers the existing play area and the bright red colour really cheers up the building. The year 1 class caters for 30 children aged 5 who love it and use it daily for teaching as well as for its hugely popular Gardening Club and Playtime Pals sessions.

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