We are delighted that A&S Landscape were able to design and quickly and efficiently erect our new canopy in purple steelwork – our school colour! This is enabling our children to move between the indoor and outdoor environment throughout the day. Thank you to all your staff.

Headteacher - St Giles C of E Primary School

That kind of dedicated design work gives us a real buzz and makes sure you are really happy. We now know that St Giles C of E Primary School are very happy with their new Motiva Mono. At 6000mm x 4000mm it also provided a sheltered walkway so that pupils could remain dry on rainy days when walking between classrooms.

The Headteacher of St Giles’s thanked us all for our work but we have to say we thanked them too, for the opportunity to add to their school and make a different to their pupils.

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