Cover for Play Space at Ditton Primary School Liverpool

It was a pleasure to work with Ditton Primary School in Liverpool, providing them with cover for a play space, which also had side panels and a secure shutter door to keep everything safe. The entire Motiva Duo unit was 7000mm x 4000mm and in a smart, professional green (RAL 6032) with opal roofing.

Project Specification

  • Product: Motiva Duo™
  • Size: 7000mm x 4000mm
  • Steelwork:
    • Signal Green - RAL NO. 6032

  • Roof:
    • Opal

The Motiva Duo is a symmetric unit, part of our Motiva range. Both sides are the same height and that means it works equally well as a standalone unit as it does adjacent to a building elevation.

We can work with you to produce practically any size you could want and with a wide choice of colours, your Motiva Duo can fit in perfectly with its surroundings or add a vibrant and eye-catching addition to any area. Take a look here at our full colours range.

Contact us early and we’ll consult with you, working together to make sure you get exactly the solution you need.

How does childhood obesity negatively effect children and what can schools and parents do to combat this?

Childhood obesity is debatably at its most critical and one of the more troubling difficulties we face internationally. As reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO), it’s one of the most critical public health challenges of the 21st century. This global epidemic is effecting low and middle-income countries, more greatly in urban areas. Globally in 2016, the number of overweight children under the age of five was 41 million. Additionally, overweight and obese children have a tendency to stay obese into adulthood and are susceptible to developing diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular ailments while still young.

Learn more about the complex subject of childhood obesity by reading our paper.

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Sail we installed at Monkston Primary SchoolShade Sail Installed at Monksdown Primary School

We built a sail structure for Monksdown Primary School Monksdown Road, Liverpool. The full contract involved one 8000mm X 8000mm Maxima™ tensile shade cloth fabric sail including for all stainless steel fixtures and fittings.

St Andrew The Apostle Primary School Add Shade Sail

A&S erected a sail structure in St Andrew The Apostle Primary School, Halewood, Liverpool. Full details are: two 4000mm X 4000mm Maxima™ tensile triangle shade cloth fabric sail structures. The job involved two 4000mm X 4000mm Maxima™ tensile triangle shade cloth fabric sail structures.

Taskers Garden Centre Install Large Covered Walkway

Canopy we fitted at Taskers Garden CentreIn combination with a prestigious client our team designed a curved roof canopy in Taskers – Hunts Cross Hunts Cross, Liverpool. The contract included one Motiva™ Mono monopitch curved roof canopy measuring 27000mm X 3000mm and included for our Alu-Tuff™ aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes which were coated in a matching Dura-coat™ colour finish.