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Bishop Stortford College installs new shade sail

Bishop Stortford College installs new shade sail

  • Product: Maxima StarSail
  • Size: 7000mm X 7000mm
Maxima StarSail

Bishop Stortford College puts a lot of emphasis on spending time outside. They have a strong belief that there are a host of things that can only be experienced by spending time away from the classroom.

Their pre-prep children spend every Thursday morning playing, learning & exploring the outdoors so it’s no surprise then that Bishop Stortford put a lot of time into creating the right spaces for play.

When looking for some attractive protection from the sun, Bishop Stortford contacted A&S Landscape about our Maxima StarSail. They were looking to find the right blend of design and function and the Maxima StarSail gives them exactly that.

We installed this Maxima StarSail at 7000mm x 7000mm in grey (RAL 7000) steelwork with turquoise fabric shade cloth and it immediately strikes a powerful silhouette against the main building, offering softer lines that bring variety to the whole aesthetic.

Bishop Stortford’s children can now enjoy even more time outside on the hottest Summer days with long lasting sun protection that adds another layer of magic to the school.

If you’re looking for sun protection that also happens to look stunning then our Maxima StarSail is a great choice. You can find out more about it on our website.

Once your imagination has been fired and the ideas are bouncing around your head you should get in touch with our design team who are on hand to help you craft the perfect outdoor shade solution for your site and who can have a full proposal on your desk the very next day