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The Brier School

Video Transcription

The Brier School is an all age special school for children in the Dudley Borough with moderate learning difficulties and complex communication difficulties.

My name is Russell Hinton and I am the Headteacher of The Brier School, a post I have held since January 2005.

We are one of the largest special schools in the borough and in national terms, a large special school.

From start to finish A&S Landscape have worked with the school and Dudley Local Authority to make the project a large success. A&S Landscape have done a tremendous job for The Brier School.

The canopy itself has allowed us to rename the whole area, rather than the 5-a side pitch it is now called the PlayZone.

The PlayZone is available now to all the pupils 4-16, the children have been outdoors all the way through winter.

It enhances their day, all the children are able to let off steam and have some play time, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like. It has changed their day considerably.

We would definitely recommend A&S Landscape to other schools. If we needed another canopy I would go to them first to see what they could do for us.

Local Authority schools have to look at other providers and obviously having had the experience I have had with A&S Landscape and the success of this project I would look very favourably on best value.

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