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The best way to convey how people feel about A&S Landscape and the canopies that we install is to let them do the talking. On this page you will find real clients, teachers and students talking about the projects that we have undertaken across the country. Some big, some small, some off the shelf products and some completely bespoke projects. Whatever it is that you have in mind, A&S Landscape will be able to help you.

Headteachers talk about how new dining areas bring students together at lunchtime and offer them somewhere new to dine and socialise.

Students talk about how proud they are of their canopy and how it allows them to play outside whatever the weather.

Site Managers talk about how easy it is to work with A&S Landscape and how considerate and unobtrusive our staff are when working on schools during term time.

Building clients discuss how smooth the process was from design to installation, quoting "Everyone works together to get the end result".

A&S Landscape specialise in transforming unloved outdoor spaces and bringing a new lease of life to outdoor areas, whether that includes providing shade, shelter or seating space, we can help you. You can see more than 1000 images of our canopy projects in the gallery page here.

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