School canopy at Loddon Primary School in Reading

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Classroom canopy white

School adds shade and shelter with school canopy in Reading

Motiva Linear 

Loddon Primary School wanted to add some much needed shade and shelter outside one of their classrooms at their lovely school in Reading. The canopy would help to regulate the temperature inside the classroom during the summer months. It would also offer shelter from the rain when children are waiting to come in through the door. In addition, it would create a space for the children to play and even work outdoors.

A&S Landscape have more than 40 years’ experience of working with schools and we have a wide range of school canopies to choose from. Loddon Primary School chose a straight roofed, steel and polycarbonate canopy form our Motiva Linear range. The canopy was installed with White (RAL 9010) steelwork and an opal polycarbonate roof.

The new shaded area has created an outdoor space that can be used all year round by the children. They can play at break times, teachers can store items underneath the canopy and they may even choose to have the occasional lesson in the new space. All in all, a very flexible area which adds a new option to the school.

A&S Landscape have a wide range of canopies. Take a look at our gallery which has more than a thousand images of our work. You can view them here for some inspiration.

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